ISSUE #2, Vol 0; Pages 18-30

Here's a page I like a lot. I managed to use the right type of detail for the faces of Terry in panel 3 and Langston in panel 6.  I REALLY like the light effects on Langston.

After I'm back home, I'll upload the original pencil & inks for this page.  My idea for what this police captain was going to look like was astronomically different. I like THIS version way better. Yay for a year's delay!

Also? I'm not mad at my ability to recreate the '87 Camaro.  That was my dream car back then. I still like it.

Happy with Lance's face in Panel four

I might be happiest with this page ever always. SPEEDOS RULE!! ;-)

Balmoral puttin' the moves on Laura, like Jagger.

Few problems I had back then was having my females think like men. In the other pages, Laura would not have necessarily cared overmuch how buff Balmoral was, and here Carla would not have neccesarily been a big Abbot & Costello fan -- but I wanted to convey somehow that the younger Harper girl was a keeper. A real, "boy's girl."

Panel 1 was totally supposed to be a shot of Dulles Int'l Airport. Or whatever the major airport was in DC in 1990. Technology of today would have made that a snap. ;-)

Yes, that's right. Nicky enjoyed the Cocteau Twins & Tears for Fears very much, with some Human League & Boy George thrown in for good measure.

Didn't recall that I only did 30pgs in this issue. Maybe I was anticipating a fan letters' page?

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