ISSUE #2, Vol 0; Pgs 1-3

I don't remember why there was a delay. I had already left Kubert's in December of 82 where the ideas were born. So it was a lot of years passed already, and then I was working for the Post Office in 1989. I have no idea if I ever saw any money at all, but I did ship off a bunch of comics for distribution with Diamond.  It was easier to do back then.

From the original pencil ... a year later's inks.

The original plan for Nicky was to illustrate his light-effect by overlaying white zip-a-tone over his inks. But that only made him look grey.

I ended up giving him a funky thin line contour and make everything else around him affected by the light he gave off. I liked that choice MUCH better.

I guess I changed the story details in mid-inking. I made Carla's Dad less randy and more nasty. If that makes any sense.

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