ISSUE #3, Vol 0; Pgs 12-21

Pg 12

Pg 13

Pg 14

Pg 15

Pg 16
This doesn't end well. It's also the last of the duo-tone work.

Pg 17
...In which we find Terry back in his 'right mind' giving his testimony to his pastor.

I had only inked the first three panels of this for some reason, and none of the pages from here on out will be duo-toned (I may have run out of the developer at this point) so I just scanned the pencils and original letters for ya.

The original panel under the un-duo-toned 1st panel below.

Again with the leaving off the inking. It leads me to think I was getting ready to move or some other kind of upheaval that made me think I'd have time to go back to it later. And isn't THAT ironic?

And now, a-HAAAA---!! Terry (and Alan) exposes his AGENDA!!! Yes, friends, I partook of the pure blood of the vine at the time. The pastor here was a stand-in of my actual pastor at the time. I wanted a visit like the one Terry's getting here when I went away to school, so I drew it instead?

Pg 20
In which Steve gains a mullet. Business in the front, paaaaaaaaaarty in the BACK--!!

Pg 21
And here we see Steve get the girl, mullet or not. This is the prettiest I ever drew Carla, I believe. I'll do it justice in 2012.

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