ISSUE #3, Vol 0; Pgs 22-25

Saved these four pages for the end, because this is the last we see of our Clinton House boys, for 20 years. Believe me when I tell you, ideas never die. When I started scripting the current series in 2010, Langston represented himself very much in line with his final words on these pages, although I hadn't seen these pages again until a month ago. We see he's determined not to suffer Lance's fate, grief notwithstanding. 

Nicky's done something to his hair, again. I think it's gel, with one bang. AHA!! I JUST realized. Nicky went Goth, decades before Goth was a thing. Look for it in October.

This is the Langston we will see in THE POWER PRINCIPLE #1, Vol 1, available through Kickstarter in Sept. or distribution in Oct. The teacher above, Dieter, was named after a tour guide in the Swiss Alps that my Jr. High class met when we were exchange students in Germany. The real Dieter was much more amazing than the middle-aged man I drew above, who was actually based on Benito Ruiz, a teacher who moved into the Clinton House with us. Dieter was meant to be an adult liaison for the boys, because who was going to take them seriously?

Best laid plans.

There were many subplots set up in these three issues that I had been cultivating for the future. Zack DeCarlo was Terry's roommate, whom the boys avoided while they were dealing with their powers and fears. Whatever happened to him? Why did someone ask him if he had been working out?

Also, we'd met the police captain of Clayton, NJ (who Langston antagonized), and he was about to become another more official ally. Lots of unfinished developments left spinning in the ether.

Until now.

The three issues of Volume Zero took place in 1982, over a three month span. Now it's thirty years later and the world of THE POWER PRINCIPLE opens itself to you again. Your invitations are in the mail...

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