ISSUE #3, Vol 0; Pgs 26-29

Going out of order on purpose. This reasons will be made clear on the next page. It won't change the flow of the story, it'll just change the sting of the ending.  And now, onto your daily dose of smut! :-)

Pg 26
Yes, I know what you don't like about this page. You see more Him than Hers. Will, it's a funny story actually. Remember Terry's "revelation" from the last batch of uploads? Well, yeah, so, that was me too. All religious and whatnot. So I thought it would be 'improper' to show the naughties of Laura. Yet on the other hand, I wanted to draw as much of Balmoral as my Christian mind could cope with. And when it came right down to it, I was drawing the fantasies that I liked ... my Christian mind had nothing to do with it. Even though Christians do the above too. We just weren't supposed to think about it ... and all the OTHER white elephants in the room. Aint repression FUN? :-D

Pg 27
Laura & Balmoral do likes a bit of the BDSM. Whatever milestones I reached on the previous pages for achieving Laura's beauty and femininity, I seem to have lost here in this sequence. She is supposed to be a little tousled and sweatt-- er, glisteny, but she doesn't look as much like "Jaime Lee Curtis in True Lies" as I intended her to be. Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you--the part of Laura Harper would be played by Jaime Lee Curtis.

Pg 28
Okay, so, I will have to stop saying that I hate men's feet. The review of all these pages clearly indicate that I do not, in fact, hate them. Evidently, I pour over every friggin detail of them. Yes, ladies, I even put hair on Balmoral's toes. I don't even know who I am anymore. :-/

Pg 29
Never inked. I publish it here just to let you see where I was going with the story. That lengthy, rambling intro in Issue #1 detailed the fact that Balmoral had been a young adventurer codenamed "Leeway." He and his adventurer's pack were led by a guy named "Slipknot." When this series opened up, Balmoral was having all the members of his team killed to preserve the fact that he had retrieved the secret serum they once discovered together. that serum was refined, successfully transformed organic life, then was stolen by Dale Whitney and lost in the Clinton House back-up sewer system. Hence the boys' superpowers.
But Balmoral never got "Slipknot."
So you can only imagine where Balmoral was going to go from the above scene.
Imagine, but not see. Not yet, anyway.

Also, I'm pretty sure that stain in the lower lefthand corner is antifreeze.

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