Issue #3, Vol 0; Pgs 7-11

Welcome to my favorite page. The day before I started this blog, I was on the phone with my project manager & editor Adam Besenyodi, pulling these pages out of a 25 yr-old box because we were discussing the Kickstarter incentive level that involved giving these pages to the higher tier contributors. It was a dubious assumption, I admit. Who would want my crummy old art? Especially if I'm an amateur and my stuff was middling or lower quality?  But I figured some might like to have my history in their hands, in not on their walls.
But then I looked at this page and I thought, "Wow.  I LIKE that. That's ... I would say that was good no matter WHO drew it!"  It's the page that let me realize that I should start releasing these to the web, let people see my development, and hopefully give people faith that I can produce something that they might actually like.
And more importantly, it was the page that helped ME restore my faith in me. 

Again, these are 25 years old, and not perfect, but they show me that I'm ready to do this again, and make it even better.

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