Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Progress Report!

So I have some additional follow-up comicbook news that I haven't shared because of that whole professional superstitious i-dont-know-what-else-to-call-it crap. Didn't want to jinx it, but also didn't want to report something that I might fail and never complete either. But last year a co-worker approached me about doing a therapeutic comicbook series for at-risk youth attending her hospital's outreach program. You guys remember that? Well the reason for the delay in The Power Principle completion is because the outreach comicbook series has not only become a reality, but AS MY LIFE LIKES TO DO ME, it has deadlines that fall on mid-March. So here's me doing TWO professional comicbook jobs at the same time. And yes, that means I'm writing, drawing, inking, coloring them both. The hospital series is a 4-book, 14 page each project, and I've submitted the first 2 and am writing the 3rd & 4th issues right now. My co-worker/project director LOVED the first one. It's only been THIS week when I've realized I actually WILL be able to get all this done, and that's because The Power Principle subscribers have been so gracious and kind to me. In a little season of Kickstarter backlash, where some of my friends have been let down by their other KS expectations, I haven't heard anyone blast me for being guilty of the same thing. Maybe they know I'm hustling and wouldn't purposefully let them down for all the lottery winnings in the bodega. Or maybe I just have the best internet friends in the whole world. (i suspect much of the latter.) Whichever the reason, as I love to quote Natalie Imbruglia, that's what's going on. Oh wait, one more thing ... the project director had a meeting with Locke & Key's Joe Hill and told him all about the comic series, and he was so interested that she's going to send him copies when I'm done and yes that is as effing cool as that sounds and yes I'm scared out of my effing brain, and no, I'm not telling him about it on twitter until I'm WELL finished. Okay. Toodles!