Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Loooooooo it has begun!! Yesterday, July 10th we sent the Kickstarter page live early in the morning. (I know speak in the royal "we" vernacular. "We" actually includes Adam Besenyodi, who I'm assuming you all met by now, and the members of the comic, chiefly Langston, Terry, Nicky, Steve, and Lance).

If you aren't aware of it, here it is! KICKSTARTER! I'll make "professional" updates over there from now on, and here I'll be leaving my thoughts and my feeeeeeelings. For instance, I'm pretty sure I'm in shock over the fact that on the first day, the project gained 20% funding. The goal is $7,000 dollars. So people rallied and clicked and gave me over a thousand dollars in a day. And not ALL the people, either. From the list of contributors, I dont yet see people I know will be giving, so that's cool.

Also, I see names of people who I know only peripherally, and still yet they gave. THAT'S cool too because it means that they're contributing for THE POWER PRINCIPLE itself. That's phenomenal. Very validating! I just have to give my A-game to the story. I'm learning more and more, from EmmaJeans on Twitter in fact, to accept the style of my art. It IS uniquely mine, after all. You'll always know who did it when you see it. That is, after you've seen it regularly. Which I hope you will. Because I hope to be drawing it regularly. And stuff. Okay, see you at Kickstarter!

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