Saturday, June 9, 2012

30 Years Ago...

When I was young I went to a very special, magical place: A school in a mansion on a hill. I was brought in to interview with the headmaster, renown in his field and admired enormously by... people like us. Although I had shared my abilities with my closest friends, I was still wracked with nerves when I met with him.  Amazingly, when I showed him what I could do, he accepted me.

That was 1982, the headmaster was Joe Kubert, and he accepted my admission to his School of Cartoon & Graphic Art in Dover, New Jersey.


Those were heady days of self-discovery. I was a teenager and heading off to live with complete strangers and I had one powerful coping mechanism going for me. I was a comicbook geek! I was already well-versed in all things Marvel (and some things DC), but the emerging independent comic companies of the day like Comico, First, and Eclipse had lit fires in me that led to the creation of my own semi-autobiographical comic series that I called "THE POWER PRINCIPLE."

Take five boys as different from one another as the flavors in a bag of jellybeans,  throw them together under one roof to pursue the dream of becoming the next *insert your favorite comic artist here*, then douse them with an ACTUAL super-formula and you get THE POWER PRINCIPLE.

Well, that was in 1982.


In preparation for the relaunch of this title (follow this blog for developing news on that front), I unearthed a copy of the only existing print run of Issue #1, and the original art to issues #2 & #3.  Every day I am going to share a page or two of that history with you here.

I hope you enjoy it!

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