Tuesday, June 12, 2012

221 Hope St., Down Memory Lane, Clayton, NJ 07801

Tonight I'm scanning in the pages to Issue #2, Vol 0 and now I know I need to accelerate the release of all this historical work if I'm going to show you before the Kickstarter campaign begins, what I've been talking about; why I still have faith that after these Issue #1 pages were published, I started to achieve the line work and proportions I sought after, AND achieved some shading techniques that I still haven't seen done in comics today. DUO-TONE IS THE SHIZNIT!

Again, let me repeat, I'm happy with the work in issue #2 & #3. I allow and am preparing myself for the possibility that it might not mean much to you at all. I do wish that I had reviewed these pages before I turned in my final drafts of the 6-page prequel I did for Low Concept2, the 11 o'Clock Comics Forum anthology. I would have duplicated my shading technique from '89, as I intend to do for the 2012 Volume 1 series.

Still I will be forever grateful to Jon Westhoff & Bobgar Ornelas for moving me out of the "nice heady ideas" category and into the "published work" category. So, yeah. Feeling good tonight. And sorry for the tease. Tomorrow I'll start publishing four pages a day instead of two. I want you to see it maybe more than you do. :-)

Oh also, the title of this post is only a play on the actual address of my main characters when they are introduced. They do attend school in Clayton, NJ 07801. They do not live on Hope St. :-D

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