Monday, June 18, 2012

It's no Adam Hughes ... but who is?

The thing is, Jeff Lemire does it professionally every day. He doesn't seem to worry about proportional form or the aesthetic beauty of his faces. He has a story to tell and drawing is his means to telling it.  I've never heard anyone report that he hates his own style.  I mean, he's drawn frikin BATMAN for DC at this point.

So my goal is to stop whining about how i wish my stuff resembled Adam Hughes' stuff.  But even having said that, I know the next two issues that I'll be posting will have different and advanced art from the one I've just completed posting.  I discover from reading my second issue's inside cover that it took me a year to get to it. So between issues, I figured out how to do some stuff differently.  I think I found some inspirations in Paul Smith.

Paul Smith art found at the blog, "Storm Sunday"

So here's a preview of what I became in 1990;

Langston gets his gripe on.
It makes my eye happier than when I looked on the first issue. And on we go.

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