Monday, June 11, 2012

Perfectionism & Other Demons

Just re-arranged and re-sized the elements of the blog here because I didn't think the pages were big enough to see well, and I couldn't really read the script in the righthand menu.  (At least in MY browser. Hope I didn't blow your monitors apart.)

I hope I can leave it alone now and just post the dang pages without squirming.  Because part of being a perfectionist isn't just trying to get this blog right, but trying to change the past and making these images better.

I'm at war with my idea of art.  If someone else is doing it, and doing with all their heart, then it's awesome. It's AWESOME.  Because their heart is talking -- honest language, regardless of the aesthetic shape of the lines, proportion, colors, etc.  As my buddy at 11' O Clock Comics, Vince Bonavoglia likes to quote (and indeed, bear the tattoo of) Larry Marder's phrase "Art is Everything." 

But when I do it, suddenly I'm thinking it's flawed. It's not proportional. The faces are ugly. The eyes are buggy.  The wrinkles are rediculous.  The harsh critique of self-analysis never fails.

I fail to recognize that what I see and take in is not what others see and take in.  All our grids are different. Others will agree that my stuff is grotesque, but others will like it. Some might like it BECAUSE it's grotesque.

I dunno.  I do know the inking style will change in Issue #2, Volume 0, and will get closer to containing shapes and shading that resembles what I personally like.

But if you like it, this way or the next way ... well ... that would be just great.

Hell, thanks for just BEING here.

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