Monday, June 25, 2012

Countdown to Kickstarter

Kickstarter is revolutionary. Clearly. Have there been financial studies made of it? Predicting models? No. Not like the kind that that would do me any good. Like the kind that come with handy-dandy "do this and you're sure to get $XX,XXX.XX within your first week" instructions. If there were, I'm sure the analysis itself is a link leading to the capitol of PhishTown, on the corner of Spam Blvd & Hehe Gotcha Rd. But I guess I have a sense of what helps a Kickstarter campaign get funded. People going to the project page have to want the product on some level, for one. I know it's possible to just give money without receiving anything, but that only leads me to the next likely reason for a project's success. People just like the project builder.

What a fearful quandary.

A majority of the people I like, like me back. It's a very wonderful feeling. We trade Internet messageboard posts, tweets, Skype calls, private messages, Facebook pokes ... and a very few times out of the year, we travel hundreds of miles to hug each other. I have friends within public transportation-reaching distance who I don't communicate with as much as I do these people I have found on the Internet. How does that happen? It seems that my friends want what I want. They want to share themselves; their thoughts, the sights and sounds that give them good feelings, their anger, their desires... all from the safe buffer provided by the Internet. There's never been a community like this. There's never been access to this type of technology. It's all brand new.

And here I go screwing it all up by introducing Kickstarter.

Feels like I'm trying to capitalize on these friendships by now asking for their money. Like I'm THAT GUY. And I am kind of That Guy. I let my ass drag for about as long as many of my friends have been alive. On a virtual quest in search of myself perpetually. What was I going to be when I grew up? How about a cartoonist? Great! No, wait... How about a post office employee? Nah. I know... a preacher, brother!! Whoops. No longer qualified. Okay then a husband and a therapist, living in the Midwest! Wrong again. Back to New York I go. Oops, didn't quite make it. Okay, New Jersey it is then! But oh hey! New York is *right* *THERE* dude. Okay! Back to New York, then!

Back in New York. Ooooooookay. And how about that therapist's licence? Let's do something with that! Okay! And now? Check the calendar. Check the clock. Holy good God, is THAT how old I am?!?



What am I going to be when I grow up?

Well ... let's just start where we began. I want to be a cartoonist.

I'll need your help.

Thank you.

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