Monday, June 18, 2012

So. THAT happened.

So my roommate comes home and asks if the stacked 11 x 17 originals that I had aside my drawing table, ready to scan in, were the art pieces that I had been telling him about months ago.


"They are really good."


"They are really good, yeah."

"... This was my art 20 years ago."

"Those are really good. Why did you stop?"

"Life and a bunch of things."

"I never knew I was living with such an artist!"

"... um ..."

Because I didn't know how to take a compliment from a Juliard-graduate world orchestral violin & baroque professor musician?  Because I want to believe him too badly to refuse it? Because I'm happy with it too, and hey ... THAT can't be right, right?

I have too much of a sad sack history to bore you with, gentle readers, but I gotta tell ya -- what I'm looking for has been a lonnnnnnnng time coming. A LONNNNNNNNNG effing time.  And I do mean like so-long-you-don't-think-it'll-ever-really-happen-time.

But I'm doing it. I'm starting. Soon to be KICKstarting.

And we'll just see what's what.

So that's all right then.

Oh, and I told my roommate "Thanks."  Because, I did appreciate him saying so.


  1. I've always told you your art was kickass!!! You just need to hear and believe. Make that Magic happen my friend! All the best!

  2. Yes you did. =)
    Hi Mike!
    And thank you.

    Gosh. You were there, in those early days. Before I went off to Kubert's. D&D at Finklestein Memorial Library. Villians & Vigilantes. Silver knight with the 100 STR.

    I'm going to draw him again. I'm going to find a reason.

    Thank you again.