Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kickstart My Heart

There are so many things about Kickstarter that sends me into fits.

1) It makes your dreams seem very, very attainable.
2) It opens you up for rejection in the absolute worst possible & personal way.
3) It sets up an insane level of hope.
4) It forces you to presume upon the generosity of people.
5) It makes you (me) seriously consider getting an anti-anxiety prescription for the month of July.

It's not as if I'm NOT going to do this, but God knows I will have hated doing this badly. I have about a dozen people expressing that they will definitely contribute when the Kickstarter goes live, and for that I just want to nuzzle them old cat style forever and ever. Will anyone who doesn't know me care at all? Are my dreams really attractive? am I even as good a writer as I think I am? I need to get me some Xanax on tap.